André P. Boulet, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

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Guy P. Dancosse, Q.C., Icd.D., Circ – Director 2

Guy has extensive experience in Commercial Arbitration, both nationally and internationally, in many areas of business, including the public sector. He is part of the International Chamber of Commerce’s {ICC Paris) Canadian Panel of Commercial Arbitrators, and has pleaded before all Canadian Tribunals, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Further, he has headed Task Forces and Inquiry Commissions in Canada on matters regarding naval pilotage in the St-Lawrence river and Native Land claims. He also presided on international missions for World Bank, inter alia in Tchad, and in Tanzania. Guy is intricately familiar with the Cannabis legal framework and commercial environment in Canada, and good corporate management therein. He also sits on the Board of Directors of numerous private and public companies and has extensive experience as a Corporate Director.

Sybil Dahan – President, Altius Healthcare inc. 2

Biochemist by education, Mrs. Sybil Dahan began her career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1989. She held many positions in Sales and Marketing in Canada. She spent most of her career with Abbott Laboratories (now AbbVie) which lead her to work in the USA and Latin America, and then in Sweden as General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Abbott Scandinavia. Mrs. Dahan became one of the first foreign General Managers in Sweden to become an elected Board member of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Trade Association (LIF). She returned to Canada in 2008, but soon thereafter leaves Big Pharma to explore the world of small to medium size businesses. She joined Triton Pharma Inc. as President, and following the sale of Triton Pharma Inc. to Paladin Labs Inc. in December 2013, Mrs. Dahan embarks on the third phase of her career’s journey – entrepreneurship – to become co-owner of Aspri Pharma Canada Inc. and more recently Altius Healthcare; importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products managing over thirty million dollars of annual sales. Mrs. Dahan is recognized by her peers as being a visionary and energetic senior level leader who effectively manages all aspects of commercial operations.

Louis Flamand, PhD, MBA – Director 2

Louis Flamand, PhD, MBA, is a full professor and vice-chair of the department of microbiology-infectious-disease-immunology at the Faculty of medicine, Université Laval and senior researcher in the division of infectious and immune diseases at the CHU de Quebec research center. Before joining Laval university, Dr Flamand obtained his PhD at the University of Montreal and post-doctoral training that the National Institutes of Health and at the Institute of Human Virology (Maryland, USA). He received his MBA in pharmaceutical management from Université Laval. Since 2008, he is President of the biohazards risk committee at Université Laval. He is also member of the HHV-6 Foundation scientific advisory board since 2006. Dr Flamand has experience in pre-clinical development. Throughout his career, Dr Flamand has received several competitive scholarship awards and continuous funding support from several funding agencies for his work in virology. Dr Flamand is the author of more than 80 peer-reviewed publications and is lead Editor of the book “Human Herpesviruses HHV-6A, HHV-6B & HHV-7: Diagnosis and Clinical Management” 3rd edition.

Denis Poirier 1

Denis graduated from McGill University in 1978 with a bachelor’s in commerce and obtained a graduate diploma in accountancy in 1980 as well as the chartered accountant designation. From 1978 to 1996, Denis worked for two different accounting firms where he mainly practised in the areas of taxation and mergers and acquisitions. Denis joined the Royal Bank of Canada from 1996 to 1998 where after leading the $50 million first public offerings of Spectra Premium industries inc. he became their vice president taxation, financing and acquisitions and lead two additional public offerings in 1998 and 1999 for an additional $150 million. In 2007, Denis oversaw the privatization of Spectra Premium industries inc. and became its chief financial officer and one of its key shareholders until 2016 when he sold his shares. During his 18 years at Spectra Premium industries, Denis played a key role in the growth of the company where sales went from $30 million to more than $600 million and the headcount from 300 to more than 1,600 following more than 20 acquisitions in Canada, United States and Europe and following organic growth resulting from development of new products and new markets.

Denis is well known for is deep knowledge and expertise in negotiation, taxation, business valuation, financing, acquisitions, business development and strategic planning.

Since 1998 Denis also acquired board of directors and advisory boards expertise among 8 publicly listed, private companies and non for profit organisations including la foundation des jeunes de la DPJ since 2009 where he is also the treasurer.

Terry L. Fretz – Administrator 1

Terry L. Fretz is a seasoned executive whose career has been primarily focused in the Canadian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Participation in international initiatives including Europe, Asia, and South American markets provide a global perspective to his approach in driving growth and seizing opportunities. During its formative period, Terry provided leadership in several key executive roles at Wayland Group (Maricann), an emerging Canadian licensed producer of cannabis. Prior to establishing his consulting firm LongGrass, Terry served as President and General Manager of Watson Pharmaceuticals – Canada. Since the mid-nineties, Terry participated at the executive level in establishing two privately held generic pharmaceutical companies. Under his leadership, both organizations were recognized as the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Canada, and both companies were subsequently acquired by publicly traded multinationals. Terry is recognized as a “builder” and a “fixer”. He gravitates to situations requiring objective input, resulting in substantive change or growth and yielding more positive results. These skills have been demonstrated repeatedly in various business initiatives, as well as in Terry’s contribution to various boards and non-profit organizations.

Martin Moreau, M. Sc. Fin., CFA 1

Mr. Moreau is a renowned leader in the field of entrepreneurship, business management and finance. He holds a Master Degree in Finance from University of Sherbrooke, as well as the CFA professional certification. Mr. Moreau started his career with CDP Capital Technologies, a venture capital firm, where he acted as Investment Analyst in the industrial and biotechnology sectors. From 2003 to 2010, he is appointed Director of Finance at Life Corp, an antimicrobial technology and infection prevention company. He is part of the team who has raised more than $80 million in new fundings, in addition of proceeding to the financial analyses of several projects, as the opening of a production facility in Asia. He subsequently (co)founded 3 seniors’ residences, these housing projects totalling more than $150 million. He also acquired Marchand Entrepreneur Électricien in 2012, and successfully developed the company to the point of making it a recognized industry leader, by means of 7 acquisitions and mergers of his competitors. In 2021, he acquired Fixations Shur-Fast, a leading North American manufacturer of precision nails and staples, in business for over 50 years. Mr. Moreau serves on various boards of directors, business development groups and investment committees.

Erick Shields, B.A.A, M.B.A

Holding a BAA in marketing and an Executive Masters, Mr. Erick Shields has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry in the Canadian market.

He has held various key positions in sales, marketing, market access and in charge of developing and implementing Canadian commercial operations. He has worked in the health system in community and hospital level, worked with patient associations / healthcare professionals as well as governments to facilitate access to products for patients. He has worked in large companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Schering Plough (now Merck), Teva Innovation Canada, Roche in various therapeutic fields as well as with biotechnology and nutraceutical companies. This led him to occupy the position of General Manager for Nutricia Canada resulting in a change of business model, resulting in the biggest sales growth in its history. These skills have been demonstrated time and time again in various initiatives.

He is recognized as an inspiring, honest, committed, dedicated leader keeping a great interest in collaborative work with a common goal which is the success of business operations.

Pierre J. Montanaro

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1) Audit Committee member
2) Member of Human Resources Committee