Cosmeceuticals have become the fastest-growing segment of the cosmetics and personal care industry.

There are three different categories of skin care products:

➢ “pharma-quality” dermatologist/physician formula brands;
➢ prestige products; and
➢ mass-market products.

A trend is that the cosmeceutical products with the best potential will be those that are backed by science.

All of Devonian’s skin-care products are developed by the same approach as its pharmaceutical products, with strong safety and efficacy data, which positions these products as science-based.

R-Spinasome®: A Breakthrough Cosmeceutical Active Ingredient

R-Spinasome®, Devonian cosmeceutical flagship ingredient, is a photosynthetic cell extract composed of pigments, proteins and lipids extracted from green leaves. The structure of this complex is critical to its function as an anti-oxidant, enabling it to capture and dissipate noxious energy generated by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), returning the complex to a state where it is ready to undergo new activation cycles. It is this dynamism and capacity to regenerate that provides R-Spinasome® complex with unprecedented, long lasting anti-oxidant activity. R-Spinasome® is patent-protected in Japan, Canada, United States and Europe (#JP 5952261; #CDN 2,699,6765; #US 13/261,472, #EUR 11 768 299.7).

Purgenesis : Novel Anti-Aging products

The first derma-cosmeceutical products that Devonian has developed is a women’s anti-aging product line consisting of day, night, and eye creams. R-Spinasome®Devonian’s proprietary natural active ingredient is included is these proprietary products.

In a 28-day comparison study, the product demonstrated superior anti-aging treatment effects compared with two highly regarded anti-aging prestige brands.

In a consumer panel study, more that 75% of women reported that they would switch to Devonian’s product.

The Purgenesis™ treatment now carries the seal of recognition of the Skin Health Program, awarded after a thorough review of the treatment formulation by the Canadian Association of Dermatology’s Expert Advisory Council on Skin Health.

Purgenesis™ anti-aging treatment was awarded the 2018 Best Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Technology from United Kingdom-based LUX Life Magazine (LUX) confirming the product’ level of excellence.

Purgenesis brand : Pipeline of innovative products

The cosmeceutical pipeline in development includes:

➢ Serum
➢ Dark spot removal cream
➢ Skin regeneration cream

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Devonian’s technology is based on a broad-based platform originating from over fifteen years of research.