Corporate Overview – Structured for success

Devonian is a Canadian, publicly-traded (TSXv:GSD ; OTCQB: DVHGF), late stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation with novel therapeutic approaches targeting worldwide unmet medical needs. Devonian’s core strategy is to develop prescription botanical drugs which could be from plant materials, algae, macroscopic fungi, and combinations thereof. This strategy is supported by FDA set of regulatory guidelines, favouring a more efficient drug development pathway for prescription botanical drug products.

Botanical Drug: Source of new products for the pharmaceutical industry

➢ Faster and Less Costly Drug Development from Pre-Clinical to Proof-of-Concept study (Phase 2);

➢ Superior Risk Management;

➢ Botanical drugs are cleared for specific indications just like a regular drug;

➢ Botanical drugs are coded and accessible for medication reimbursement plans;

➢ In the USA, potential marketing exclusivity for up to 5 years even in the absence of patent protection;

➢ ‘’Copy-cat’’ proof.

State-of-the art extraction facility in Canada

➢ 1,625 square meters facility

➢ Full scale facility with custom designed equipment

➢ Pharmaceutical-grade production facility meeting Cleanroom Standards

➢ Scalable extraction platform

Commercial operations generating revenues

➢ On Feb 1st, 2018, Devonian acquired Altius Healthcare inc, a specialty pharmaceutical company with a primary focus of acquiring and in-licensing safe and innovative medicines and healthcare products for sale and distribution within Canada (